brand safety

Brand Safety

How does community content impact brands?

Learn from leaders in marketing and brand safety how they are protecting their brand's equity in the media, and the impact of brand safety on advertising revenue for platforms.

user safety

User Safety

What role does safety play in the creator economy?

Learn from Trust & Safety leaders how to get leadership buy in for user safety and why it is important for all teams to work together toward the common goal of creating a brighter online community.

content moderation

Content Moderation

How can content moderation mitigate brand and operational risks?

Learn from community builders and operators the challenges gaming, social, marketplace, dating, and e-learning platforms are facing in 2022, and moderation solutions to overcome them.

18I can't wait to share my experiences with trust and safety, including where we've had successes on such a massive platform, and to learn from others about how they approach trust and safety with their teams and brands.


Brandon Rhea, VP of Community at Fandom

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I’ll be discussing how we support the whole community at Roblox, including kids, teens, parents and caregivers as well as working with external partners from NGO’s, education, policy and more, to help create safer, more welcoming online spaces.


Laura Higgins, Director of Community Safety and Civility at Roblox


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I'm excited to engage with other great thought leaders and to help each other solve the biggest problems of online platforms.


Daryl Sando, Senior Trust & Safety Manager at Tinder

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Trust and Safety is an immensely important and rapidly-evolving aspect of the online world, and I'm thrilled to join other leaders who are working so passionately in the space.


Sean Herman, Founder & CEO at Kinzoo


The summit is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together in our shared quest to see digital trust and safety as a core part of how we design for and support online spaces. I'm very excited to both share and learn from all the amazing people doing work in this field!


Kim Voll, Founder at Fair Play Alliance

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